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Book 9. Spine and corners creased. It would take a wizard's magic to unite enemies against the evil that threatened them all! Publisher: Baen: Chicks 'N Chained Males introduces a brand new collection of wild and wonderful women with brass bras and broadswords and a beltful of good intentions. Publisher: Daw: Book 3 of the Duel of Sorcery series. Publisher: Del Rey: Spine creased.

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Making their way through the foul swamps of Nyisssa, then into the lands of the Murgos, they must ultimately face a horrible danger--to themselves and all mankind Publisher: TSR: Spine and corners lightly creased. The long awaited sequel to the Moonshae Trilogy.

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Publisher: Pocket Books: Boaco Six -- a once-tranquil Federation colony, now caught up in the throes of revolution. The Enterprise's mission: re-establish contact with the planet, and determine whether or not formal ties between the Federation and Boaco Six Should be strengthened.

Incident at Arbuk

Under the best circumstances, terraforming is a tough, dangerous task that pits the hardiest of pioneers against an unforgiving environment. When the terraformers on the planet Paradise fall behind schedule, commander Riker is given temporary leave from the U. Publisher: ACE: The discovery of an alien spacecraft pits the Earth's nations against on another.

Edges rubbed. Stile had problems on two different worlds. On Proton he was threatened with murder, and on Phaze, an alternate world ruled by magic, he had to master magic, fight a dragon, win the friendship of a lady unicorn, locate his enemy among the paranoid Adepts and return out of Phaze to win the Great Games on Proton.

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After that, he was ready to face the real problems! A wizard and his hapless apprentice search for a cure to the wizard's allergy to magic-while avoiding such perils as tap-dancing dragons, enchanted chickens, and sinister shrubbery What is the Cineverse coming to? Second in the B-movie-based trilogy. The conclusion to the magical Ebenezum trilogy.

Two light cover creases. Wuntvor has caught the cold eye of Death himself, who seeks to add the hapless apprentice to his morbid minions Verse the second in The Ballad of Wuntvor View Product. In the sixth year of its ongoing mission, the Strange New Worlds writing competition has In the sixth year of its ongoing mission, the Strange New Worlds writing competition has once again sought out exciting new voices and imaginations among Star Trek's vast galaxy of fans.

After scanning countless submissions for signs of style and Star Trek I.

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Gorkon 2: Honor Bound. The Order of the Bat'leth: founded after Kahless's ascension to Sto-Vo-Kor, the Order was tasked with rooting out dishonorable behavior and spreading the word of Kahless to the Klingon people. In the subsequent millennium, the Order has become more ceremonial, Star Trek: Cast No Shadow.

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Seven years have passed since a catastrophic explosion on the Klingon moon Praxis touched off Seven years have passed since a catastrophic explosion on the Klingon moon Praxis touched off a chain of events that would result in the assassination of the reformist High Chancellor Gorkon, and the eventual creation of the historicKhitomer Accords. One simple One simple act, and the troubles of the United Federation of Planets have grown darker overnight. The mystery behind the heinous terrorist attack that has rocked the Star Trek: Discovery: Fear Itself.

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Lieutenant Saru is a Kelpien, a member of a prey species born on a world overrun by monstrous predators The Malkus Artifacts: four deadly machines, wielded as weapons