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Political economy of energy sector restructuring in the post-soviet space: Russia and Azerbaijan in comparative perspective. Publisher Bilkent University.

Restructuring Post-Communist Russia

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Restructuring Post-Communist Russia Ed. Sharpe, Read preview Overview.

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    The Russian Press after Perestroika

    Insight on the News, Vol. A Sound U. As I will show below for Russia, it is the real wage, adjusted for the regional cost-of-living, that drives migration.

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    Gravity models applied to migration have also shown that the cost of migration increases with distance, as the cost of transporting oneself and one's belongings increases the longer the move, and that information about more distant potential destinations is more difficult to obtain. People who migrate are favorably self-selected compared to those who remain in their place of origin.

    Migrants tend to be more ambitious, aggressive, and entrepreneurial and in general more able. Migration and restructuring in Post-Soviet Russia. Author: Timothy Heleniak.

    Aleksanteri Conference

    Date: Sept. From: Demokratizatsiya Vol. Publisher: George Washington University.