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SharePoint Designer tutorial: The Send an Email action -

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

How to do Workflows in SharePoint: Part 2 – Parallel Actions

You signed out in another tab or window. Enables you to leave informative comments in the workflow designer for reference purposes.

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This is especially helpful when there are other users collaborating on the workflow. Adds a specific time in minutes, hours, days, or months to a date Year is not supported , and stores the output value as a variable. The date can be a current data, specific date, or a lookup.

Sydney SharePoint Usergroup

Basic authentication is supported through the RequestHeader. Performs an arithmetic calculation and stores the output value in a variable. Note: For SharePoint, this action supports only the Double numeric type. Integers are not supported. Writes a message from a list of predefined message items to the workflow history list. Causes a workflow to pause executing for a specified time interval, in days, hours, and minutes. Automatically sends an email message that contains a predetermined message to a user or group when a specified workflow event occurs.

Important: If the site is not added to the Trusted Sites list then emails are routed to the Outlook Junk folder.

Creates a timestamp, and stores the output value in a variable. You can set the time in hours and minutes and add a current date, specific date, or lookup. Sets a workflow variable to a value. You can also use this action when you want the workflow to assign data to a variable. Starts a List workflow based on the SharePoint Workflow platform. These data sources are all the same.

General actions

If a workflow contains special characters then they will be converted to hexadecimal code in the workflow. Starts a Site workflow based on the SharePoint Workflow platform.. Checks in an item that is checked out.

After defining the properties we build the method which cares about the executive code. So here is the logic of your custom action. Well, at last point we need to add an assembly entry to the web. But we can do it by using a feature event receiver, so in this code we will be flexibel and can use relative paths.

SharePoint - Update All List Items SharePoint Designer Workflow Action — John Liu .NET

Add a feature to your solution and change the scope to webapplication. Add a feature event receiver to it and use this code for adding it the webconfig. Notice: Please test the following webconfigmodification in your dev system, cause it can have side effects to other parts of your web. You might notice a difference. That means if you want to deploy it to SP you should keep this in mind.

It would throw an error which says that it could found the namespace or type of assembly. If you like you could add a relay which decides automatically on which platform it is and how to add the assembly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty.

Fun with SharePoint 2010 List Workflows

The articles, scripts, suggestions or tricks published on the site are provided AS-IS with no warranties or guarantees and confers no rights. Keep in mind, you can always start a workflow from within a workflow. I generally create a workflow to manage permission called from SP workflow. Thanks, Jeff. The first column in the table is all actions that are not available in , but in