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Before the cows went outside, the visitors were given a warming up. The 62 primary school pupils did some warming-up exercises under the leadership of sports instructors in the farm yard. The children did not only prepare themselves for the outdoor grazing, they also got themselves ready for a new season of playing outside and sports.

As a supporter of Dutch athletes, Campina attaches great value to sufficient exercise combined with healthy nutrition.

Charter School | Alex Lange Way | Academy at the Farm

Everyone is welcome to get an inside view of the farm. The farmers will do tours of the farm and plays will be organised, such as a farmer assault course and milk can lifting: a nice and free outing for the whole family. The perfect spot to shop local whether its for yourself or for a friend. Our in-house butchery also keeps the fresh and frozen coolers stocked with standard and specialty meat cuts, including grounds, bones, custom sausages, and deli cuts. Lunch is served daily from 11am-4pm and brunch on Sundays begin at 10am.

Plus, every Friday, Steve the Baker makes fresh loaves of bread that are out-of-this-world.

Forcing the Farm

There is always something going on at the farm. Come join us for family-friendly fun all year round.

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In the winter, our butchery and culinary team teach intimate classes on a variety of hands-on topics. The spring is full of fairies and baby animals.

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Summer brings barn dances and festivals, while fall kicks off a season of festivities that have been a local tradition for families near and far. Avoid planting blueberries along with tomato plants. Best tips for planting peonies.

THE FARM - Home Sweet Home (Official Music Video)

Ideas for planting your peoniy garden flower beds. These beautiful perrenials are great for your front or back yards.

The Independent Network of Thousands of North America’s Most Advanced Farmers.

Spring is the time to take softwood cuttings from deciduous shrubs and vines to grow more plants from your favorite lilacs, hydrangeas, clematis, and more. From planter ideas to flower landscaping ideas, there are over 60 flower ideas for inspiration.

This print combines the beauty of the book's illustrations with educational, at-a-glance-information. Specifics for Pri Februari - Maj. Ljus placering. Vattnas regelbundet eller efter behov. These are so cool!